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Sequoia Royalty specializes in buying oil and gas royalties and mineral interests throughout the United States.

Using years of industry knowledge and experience, we strive to get you the highest price when you sell your mineral rights.

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We are located in Dallas, Texas but we buy oil and gas royalties and mineral interests throughout the United States.

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Why sell?

Over the years we have realized that customers are interested in selling their royalties and minerals for a variety of reasons. From selling a portion of royalty interest to add income for retirement, to selling non-producing minerals to help pay for a child’s college tuition, each customer is different.

Reasons owners may wish to sell:

  • Quick, lump-sum cash
  • Tax Savings
  • Debt Relief + Financial Burdens
  • Estate Planning
  • Money for Other Investments: Weddings, College Expenses, Down Payments
  • Elimination of Accounting Hassles

Whatever the reason, Sequoia Royalty will seek to offer you a fair, honest price for your assets.

How we value

Although no two properties are ever valued in exactly the same way, some common factors involved in our valuation method are:

  • Current Oil & Gas Prices
  • Number of Producing Wells
  • Reservoir Characteristics
  • Type of Interest
  • Upside/Downside Potential

Our team performs and in-depth analysis of these factors in order to find a fair and agreeable price.

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